Fishing Hall of Fame


Fishing Hall of Fame

Established in 1993 to honour the men and women who have made a significant contribution to the fishing heritage of Bimini.

Bahamian Members

+Capt. Eric Sawyer

+Neville Stuart

+Capt. Harcourt Brown MBE JP

+Fred Weech Sr

+Capt. Jimmy Albury

+Bonefish Rudy Dames

+Helen Duncombe, Queen’s Badge of Honour

+Bonefish Willie Duncombe

+Bonefish Sammy Ellis

+Capt. Bob Smith

Capt. Manny Rolle

Foreign Members

+Robert M Ahnert

+Michael Lerner

+Helen Lerner

+S. Kip Farrington Jr

+Chisie Farrington

+Van Campen Heilner

+Ernest Miller Hemingway

+Capt. Tommy Gifford

+George Albert Lyon, Sr CBE

+Ira Bloom

James Orthwein

Louis Rabin

Clarke Daniel

+ deceased


Pioneer fishing legend Mike Lerner and Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway on Weech’s Bimini Dock in 1935. Lerner, together with his brothers, founded the Lerner Shops in the USA. He first came to Bimini in 1935 and was so delighted with Bimini that he and his wife, Helen, built a seasonal home — the Anchorage. Today, it is a hotel and restaurant.

Ernest Hemingway was 36 years old when this picture was taken. A great author and angler he would later receive a Pulitzer Prize for his novella, Old Man And The Sea. In 1954 he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

Lerner and Hemingway founded the International Game Fish Association in 1939. Hemingway remained vice president of the organisation until his death in 1961.

Photo courtesy of the JFK Library.