Exhibits at the MUSEUM


Exhibits at the MUSEUM

BIMINI: The Place

A large exhibit of old photos, documents, maps and artefacts of Bimini. The exhibit includes film shot on the island as early as 1922.

BIMINI: The Fish

Bimini is regarded as the world’s fishing capital. Many of the world’s great catches were landed here by the great anglers of the pioneer sport-fishing era–Hemingway, Lerner, Glassell, Farrington and others. Many photographs, artefacts and film from this golden age.

BIMINI: Prohibition

Bimini was a major smuggling centre during US prohibition(1920-33). The island boomed during this time and both liquor and money flowed freely.

Al Capone visited. Chalk’s Airline started and carried both smugglers and US revenue agents.

BIMINI: The Athletes

Julian Brown, Danny Smith and Gary Davis were all Olympic Athletes. All were from Bimini. William Butler-“Yama Bahama”- fought 102 fights in the USA in the 1950s and won 82. He had 20 televised fights and won 15. Gomeo Brennan won the British Commonwealth and Empire middleweight boxing title in 1964. Danny Smith set world and Commonwealth records in the hurdles in the 1970s. Sid Levarity Jr represented The Bahamas at the Pan Am Games in Mexico in 1975. Jay Saunders held Caribbean track records. Bimini’s baseball prowess was unquestioned in the 1950s-60s. Several Biminites were given try-outs for U.S. major league teams. An entire exhibit will highlight these achievements.

BIMINI: The Music

Bimini has made a significant contribution to the musical heritage of The Bahamas. Many of Bimini’s old clubs – the Calypso, the Famous Door, and Village Tavern featured Bimini and Bahamian entertainers. The Compleat Angler continues that tradition today. From Drexel Bain to Steve Smith and Ossie Brown – this exhibit not only lets you see the music but you can hear it also.

BIMINI: Martin Luther King

Dr King visited Bimini in 1964 and while here worked on his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. The museum has Dr King’s Bahamas Immigration Card.

BIMINI: Adam Clayton Powell Jr

The famous US Congressman lived on Bimini from 1966 until his death in 1972. While he continued to serve as the congressman from Harlem legal problems made it impossible for him to visit New York City. Once hailed as the most powerful Black politician in America(1950s-65) he was also called the “grandfather” of the American civil rights movement. After his death his ashes were scattered over Bimini. An exhibit highlights the life of Adam Clayton Powell.

CAT CAY: The Other Bimini

One of the world’s most exclusive clubs, this private island has been a playground for many of the most famous. The Duponts, Rockwells, Nixons, and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were enamoured by its charms. Gloria Swanson visited and scratched her name in the wall of the club’s bar. Advertising mogul Lou Wasey founded the club in 1936-7. The exhibit depicts the history of the club.

BIMINI: The Lerner Marine Laboratory

Michael Lerner, together with his brothers, founded the Lerner Shops in America. Mike however was less interested in the shops and more interested in fishing and the study of fish. Lerner and his wife, Helen, came to Bimini in 1935 and fell in love with its charms. They built a home here and later built a marine laboratory for maritime research. The Lerner Marine Lab opened in 1948 and sadly closed in 1974. An exhibit of pictures, documents, film and artefacts tell the story of this field station of the American Museum of Natural History.

BIMINI: Atlantis

Strange mounds on east Bimini and a mysterious road-like formation under the sea have led to much speculation. Some firmly believe that the predictions of psyhic Edgar Casey about Bimini and the lost continent of Atlantis are true and that Bimini is a last vestige of this once great thriving civilisation. Others believe the formations are by an ancient Indian civilisation that once lived in the Biminis. It’s an incredible story and this exhibit presents all sides of this modern debate.

BIMINI: Amazing Women

An exhibit that honours many of the islands most amazing and remarkable women including Helen Duncombe, Rosa Levarity, Nurse Gloria Johnson, Nurse Ema Davis, Sr Veronica Burrows and Louise MacDonald.

When you visit you’ll see. . . .

· the podium once used by Sir Lynden Pindling, father of the modern Bahamas.

· See the Bahamas Constitution documents, a copy signed by Lynden Pindling, first prime minister of The Bahamas

· Immigration Cards of Martin Luther King. Jimmy Hoffa and Adam Clayton Powell

· Last British flag to fly over Bimini’s government buildings in 1973

· Documents of interest relating to Bimini’s past

· Fishing gear, rods and reels

· Archival film footage of Bimini’s past

· Medals, orders and decorations given by The Queen to deserving recipients in Bimini over the years

· And so much more. . . .

A place in time